Novel Links

It's Friday! And just in time, because I fell flat on my face in the office about an hour ago. Is anyone else ready for the weekend? I thought so. Today I'm rounding up some links on writing and reading, as my mind is on tomorrow's SCBWI Austin 2018 Writers & Illustrators Working Conference taking place this weekend. I'm excited to attend, as I haven't been able to in several years. I'm ready to absorb some great insights on writing and publishing, and I even got some new business cards for the occasion. 

Check out this crazy story from #DVPit earlier this week. Clearly there aren't nearly 10,000 literary agents on Twitter, but this pitch has taken on a life of its own. Such an incredible thing to see, and I can't wait to read about this deal when it gets signed.

Along those lines, why is it that agents request partials instead of fulls? Nathan Bransford shares some insight.

If you avoid these common query pitfalls, you're already ahead of the game.

Comps are a challenge for many aspiring authors, and this blog post does a great job of explaining how important they really are. (DUMPLIN’ meets JURASSIC PARK? Sign me up!)

Forgive the shameless plug, but here's a guide to writing conferences for introverts by yours truly that you might find helpful. I'll practicing some of these tips tomorrow.

And finally, why every writer should read poetry.