Christmas Crafting

I was having trouble deciding what to get everyone for Christmas this year, so I decided to try making a few gifts. I'm no Martha Stewart, and in fact my family teases me mercilessly for my many failed and abandoned crafting projects. However, this year I actually accomplished all of my Christmas crafts! I'll be posting lots of photos of all of my projects after the holidays (so as not to spoil anyone's presents who may be reading this blog). For now, enjoy these photos from my recent trip to New York:

And how would you like to live in this super cool old building with a great view of the Empire State Building:

Have a lovely holiday! I'll be updating from Texas periodically, while celebrating with my dear family and friends.


Sundays are an odd sort of day. Sometimes they are for hymns and potluck dinners and family. Sometimes they are for sleeping in until noon and eating breakfast for lunch. Sometimes they are about housework and laundry and washing dishes. Sometimes they are for actively doing nothing at all. Today, Sunday was for...

Not sleeping in...

But having a vanilla latte to take the edge off.

Picking up my guitar after an extended break.

Watching an almost love story.

Looking up at the sunny sky through the trees.

Talking to my grandmother about the holidays, and gambling.

Dreaming about the future.

The smell of fajitas wafting in from the kitchen.

And going to bed early.

Weekly Status

Every week, I'll give a little insight into my life a present. Here's where things stand on this fine Tuesday evening... What I'm craving: Chili Crispitos (remember those things from public school cafeterias? That was my absolute favorite meal, and I can't find a good recipe anywhere.)

What I'm reading: The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest by Stieg Larsson and Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married by Marian Keyes

What I'm admiring: This rug from CB2, which would go nicely with my Catch 22 book poster

What I'm cooking: King Ranch Casserole, the dish served at every church function in my childhood

What I'm missing: Margaritas on a patio in the sweltering Texas heat

What I'm longing for: The perfect pair of riding boots, preferably in tan or camel

What I'm watching: True Blood on HBO (only three episodes left)

What I'm not doing: Tweeting. Twitter has lost it's appeal to me for some reason. Hopefully I'll want to tweet again soon.