On Careers

I recently started a new job, which has me thinking about careers. I've always been ambitious and was lucky enough to find a great job in my chosen career field not too long after graduating from college, and again found a great job in a similar field when I moved to Austin. Many of my friends have not been so lucky. As a deadline-driven person, working in public relations and advertising is a great fit. However, these careers often extend beyond the 40 hour work week. As I continue to pursue this line of career, I am increasingly aware of the need for balance. Balance between work and home. Balance between friends and family. Balance between busy time and down time.

As I commit myself to writing, I need to also find time to write in between all of these other important things. I definitely don't have it figured out, but I plan to keep working toward the goal of having a successful career and pursuing my dream of becoming a published author at the same time.

As I work through this challenge, I'll share what does and doesn't work. Do you have any tips for finding time to write and creating balance in life? If you do, I'd love to hear them. And if you're still figuring it out like me, I'd love to hear about that too.

Speaking of balance, check out Martin, a fabulous Labradoodle who achieves amazing feats of balance in and around New York City. She has even been featured in the New York Post! I wonder if I can convince Lola to do that?