Food, Again...

I like food. A lot. I eat out. A lot.

This gets very expensive on a young PR pro's salary. While breakfast is pretty straight forward each day (toast), I work near lots of neat restaurants that make bringing my lunch to work seem like a very sad idea. I also spend the majority of my day talking about restaurants, since we do a lot of restaurant PR. Suffice it to say, I'm not very good at bringing my lunch to work.

However, I admire people who have the discipline to make meal plans each week, like my high school friend Katy. Using people like her as an inspiration, I decided to attempt meal planning for one week. I kept it pretty simple, with sandwiches, pasta and salads. Pretty boring foods, I know, but I wanted to give myself the best odds for success.

And the verdict is...

Meal planning is great! For some reason, taking the mystery out of each meal made it much easier to stick to the plan. It also made grocery shopping much easier, since I already knew what I needed for every meal for a week. I spent $50 in groceries for the week, which is pretty good compared to the $35-40 a week I could spend on eating lunch out alone.

Eventually, I'll post recipes and photos from some of my favorite kitchen adventures, but for now I'm scouring the internet for good recipes to try. Some of my favorite sites so far are Pioneer Woman and Smitten Kitchen. Do you have any go-to recipe sites?